Active Fund Management

Our nine Active Model Portfolios are designed for clients who believe that active fund management will outperform a benchmark index over the medium to long term.

The range of investment options that are available to you include 2,010 UK stocks and over 21,000 funds open for sale in the UK. Undertaking thorough research on each of these funds is a job which requires specialist skills and a dedicated focus.

Advanta work in partnership with Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR) to build investment portfolios for each of the asset allocation models that Schroder have created for our Asset Allocation Strategy.  Based in the UK and formed in 2004, RSMR is one of the UK’s most respected and influential investment research firms, influencing over £30billion of funds under management in the UK. Advanta Wealth have engaged with RSMR in a bespoke working partnership as we continue to build upon the past successes of our proposition.

The model portfolios are continuously reviewed by RSMR and the Advanta Investment Management Committee and rebalanced, when required, to ensure that they are appropriate for our clients and the investment strategies that we are seeking to implement.

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