6 Step Wealth Management Planning Process

During your initial meeting with us, we will present our Terms of Business and explain how we work.

If we agree to work together and prepare a Wealth Management Plan, we will commit to a rigorous six-step planning process.

1. Data Gathering

We will establish details about your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure in order to understand the arrangements you already have in place and your attitude to risk.

2. Goal Setting

We will establish what your goals are for the short and long term and gain an understanding of your commitment to meeting your objectives.

3. Identification of Needs

We will analyse your current position and assess any gaps in your current arrangements. Next, we will identify what needs to be done to meet your objectives.

4. Report Preparation

Our analysis and recommendations will then be presented in a written report. This forms the basis of a formal review at which time, we can agree on an action plan.

5. Implementation

Effecting the plan will invariably involve new and changed arrangements. We will liaise with providers and other professionals to implement the agreed plan.

6. Review and Revision

Wealth Management is a long term plan that requires regular annual reviews. Changes in your circumstances will be considered as well as fund performance.